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Root Philosophy


Root Local

Keep our food close to home in our communities. Out of the ground and on to the plate as fast as possible with minimal travel. We hope we can support and inspire people to build and produce local as we have been inspired.


Root Family

Nature's garden is diverse, robust and connected. Our families should be too. Stay strong and work together.

Fresh Organic Vegetables

Root Health

No health, no life. Take care of the temple that is your body. Eat well, sleep well, work hard and get outside.

Onion Harvest

Root Organic

We want our food as free and clean of chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers as possible. We use composted manures, animal bedding and byproducts to feed our plants. It happens to be a great soil builder. Through the process of composting, we achieve high quality living soil.  It's all about the soil.  Check out our Farming Fundamentals for more information on our standards and practices. 

We are currently not certified organic, however our standards are high, or we wouldn't feed it to our own family.

Chemicals, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are not used on our farm.

Spring Onions

Root Renaissance

Back to the roots.

The idea behind the name. 

According to the Internet the European Renaissance was: 

"A period of profound cultural movement that influenced art, architecture, philosophy, literature, music, science and technology, politics, religion, and other aspects of intellectual inquiry." (Paraphrased from Wikipedia.)

It is our conviction that we need another Renaissance or "rebirth". But this time it needs to go towards (or perhaps back) to the agrarian way of living that we have seemingly forgotten. With all of our "enlightenment" we might have a new "lens" to view things, or some new approaches to farming, but the end goal is the same. To produce the best local food we possibly can whilst being inspired and informed by the generation of farmers before us, science, art, technology and everything in between. There's a new generation of farmers and we are so excited to be apart of the movement towards farming. 

A Root, going deep and searching for what is vital and good, a conduit for life and flourishing. 

Renaissance (re-birth), born back to an important purpose, to feed and nourish our local community. 

Our Philosophy : Features
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