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About us:

Root Renaissance is owned and operated by Cory and Alisa Schurz. Though our farm is young, this has been a dream in the making for many years. We are on a journey to provide amazing, healthy food for our family and our greater community here in the Oceanside area of Vancouver Island, BC. 

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Locally Owned

We are proud to be first generation Canadian farmers.  We strive to grow amazing produce that can be enjoyed within our own community here on Vancouver Island.

Family Business

We are a husband and wife team.  It has been our dream to own land and to grow food on it first for our family, and now for our greater community.  We have three young children that we are so grateful to have.

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Fundamentals of Our Farm

Never Stop Learning

The Permaculture Principal

We love nature and her ways. Permaculture in short is about observing, implementing, and partnering with the patterns found in nature to achieve a greater diversity of life.

Hands in the Soil

The Soil Food Web

Living soil is so important. We do our best to maintain as much life as possible within the soil. This mean no tillage and minimal disturbance to the soil.

To learn more about the Soil Food Web, check out Dr. Elain Engham and

No Till

Also called "no dig". Once our beds are established, our aim is to disturb the soil as little as possible. After every crop harvest, compost is added, roots are left to decompose, and the life in the soil is maintained within our beds. In turn, our crops are healthy and the worms are happy!

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Organic (Not Certified)

We have high standards for our growing methods and we know the literature on organic practices. At this time we are not certified organic.  We do not use any pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers.

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